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Skin care just got smarter... the science behind the technology...

As a biochemist in a previous life, I always want to delve deeper into HOW a product works, WHY I should use it, & WHAT justifies the price tag. My quest has always been to offer as much education as I understand, sift through the marketing, & allow clients the space to make informed decisions. I treat jargon with disdain, but I want to give you more than the description on the back of the box.

My iPhone 7+ has a 256G memory & great battery life - the camera suits me & it's intuitive. I'll always be an Apple girl. I've grown with brand & as I've retired older models to my children, I've needed to upgrade. And so has my skin care, with gigantic leaps in technology of late.

Intelligent drone technology has a been around for a while, & in case that's a new concept, you might already be using it (for example in Skin Smoothing Cream / Prisma Protect). This advancement targets specific skin layers, cells & their receptor sites. A polymeric shell (silk, DNA & cellulose are all polymers), that have a natural affinity with the skin barrier, distributes encapsulated ingredients. The peptide ligands (a binding ion or molecule) capable of locating receptor site on specific cells, lock on for absorption. These formulations address an overall advanced skin condition that can be targeted in a multifaceted way. Whether that be light activated UV protection, initiating fibroblast activity (driving the production of dermal proteins) or magnetising hyaluronic acid for optimum hydration.

Biomimetic formulations literally mimic the skins natural structure, taking botanical components & tailoring them to more closely match the elements of human skin - or in the case of Photo Nature Firming Serum, copy biological processes.

And now for SMART skin care... Highly sophisticated products now have the capacity to improve many concerns, reacting selectively with cellular changes & the biological environment. Sensing skin nuance, relative to your state of internal & external health, these formulations address simultaneous micro-changes & simplify a routine.

  • responds to biological change

  • adapts as skin fluctuates

  • acts where skin needs it

  • anticipates before symptoms occur


Polyphenols detect inflammation due to oxidative stress. By neutralising free radicals, reducing cytokine (chemical messengers) production, the aggressor is removed. Gallic acid has an excellent polyphenol content found in red fruit / vegetables, oats, turmeric & dark chocolate.


Skin turgidity is dictated by our collagen structure & it's organisation. Fibroblast activity declines with age & is less able to manufacture or align collagen structure. Smart actives increase mitochondrial energy to power up the fibroblasts.

Skin tone

TR1 is an enzyme that stabilises melanin, has a relationship with the size & amount. Mannose-6-Phosphate interrupts the metabolic pathway limiting both the rate & effectiveness, reducing pigment production.


Oligiosacharides detect deficiency & stimulate production of 3 key proteins & sugars that support hydration in the skin, regulating hydration.

  • Involucrin strengthens the cell capsule.

  • Filaggrin organises keratin in the cell, on breaking down it hydrates from within.

  • Hyaluronic acid located below the stratum is protected.

Do not step away from PowerBright, Retinol, or Vitamin C, please get advice on which serum is right for you from your friendly skin expert :)

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