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Reasons to go for a facial... or not...

Updated: Jun 28

I designed a career around developing the ultimate facial treatment from cellular level to 5* flourishes that make for a delicious experience.  So maybe it’s not surprising I struggle to receive my own standards & often come unstuck when I go for a facial.  Last week’s attempt would be no exception.


I have a ritual of actively relishing the time on the run up to a holiday – apparently we’re 90% happier when we have one booked, I get more excited about my ‘advent’ plans than the actual break itself.  Or I’ll create a staycation at home of as many things I wouldn’t normally take the time for & a definite treatment day a week, as well as a spa day at home.

Some exactly what I want, others wild cards.

I’ll sell my children for almost anything that’s got the wow factor.

It’s my job, I love what I do & do what I love.


With that in mind, it would be unfair for me to name any business or detail the entire experience.

It was cheap, she has just retrained as a career pivot.

And I did try kindness, patience & constructive feedback.  I also left a positive, max point, review.  That neglected to mention the most haphazard application of random layers of product to the accompaniment of Spotify with adverts.

Am I hard to please ?  I only expect a spa pep, even from a Dermalogica salon, not a masterclass in prescriptive attention to detail. But after 3 different cleansers & two exfoliators, I had to interrupt & inquire as to what the reason for the sixth layer swimming around was.  (It was feigned polite curiosity, not what the **** are you doing now ???)

The desperately required complete removal of the slop before perhaps ?

NOPE - a massage body gel applied devoid of magic dancing hands, promptly rubbed off with foot mitts.

When the therapist left me in a fug of smoke from snuffed candles (having taken some time to pack up her personal belongings), I dressed in the dark, laughing out loud to the bellowing builders humour from the street.

Not because they were funny, at this point I was completely disorientated & on the verge of hysteria.


There are several compelling reasons to consider getting a face treatment.  I do expect essential elements & detail to each.  Scrupulous hygiene namely one - but what do I consider ‘par excellence’ & why do I try, try, & keep on trying other salons ?


Comparing even my own DIY facial, a salon deep cleanse done right is unrivalled when it comes to removing dirt, oil, & impurities from the skin.  I love a squeaky clean facial with lots of steam, several clear water changes, & a finale of aromatic hot towels at each stage.

Preferably no drips please.


Professional exfoliation through to peel, cleaves away at the dead skin cell connections, penetrating into the dermis, stimulating rapid cell turnover & decreased journey time to the surface.  These concentrations are way beyond what a client can get their hands on t'internet, require advanced expertise & potentially managed downtime with homecare post treatment.  However... exfoliation is the key to the brightest, firmest skin, & progression through the appropriate acid based retail products curated to your concerns challenges this, as well as builds tolerance to clinical services.


A generic spa facial at home or away is a fabulous refreshing experience for the face, but a bespoke assessment addressing the skin's condition & tailored elements laser focused on specific concerns, increases the efficacy of your outcome exponentially.  Always customised on the day to your needs, including the level of stimulation & relaxation.  This is not just a facial.  We are not just washing your face.  First time appointments allow more time until we can build a relationship with your facial landscape (& ask fewer questions).


Safe & effective extraction of blackheads, whiteheads & milia can prevent future breakouts & improves skin texture.  With the promotion of a dedicated routine, this becomes either very brief or superfluous to requirements.  More time for massage !



Speaking of which, facial massage is the piece de resistance.  There is nothing like it.  A kaleidoscope of lifting & toning choreography energises oxygen & nutrients to the skin cells, enhancing vitality & recharging skin health.  Fascial planes release tension, lymphatic drainage & facial reflexology melts away stress (& the need for tweakments…), that simply can’t be achieved at home.


The ultimate relaxation designed just for you. Between light & shade of soothing strokes or recharging with cutting edge techniques, there is no cookie cutter menu.  From the music to weighted blankets, your favourite scents.  Atop a luxurious & heated spa bed that moves just to the shape of how you feel most comfortable.  Please make sure you request these to perfection, we really do mind if you grin & bear it.


Facials can reset, inviting a blank canvas, clearing toxins, reducing puffiness & redness.  On the path to overall improvement – like going to the gym, skin goals seek to erase the appearance of fine lines, reduce wrinkles, diminish age spots – winding back time.  Minimising pores & smoothing texture for that 24 / 7 glow.  Facials infuse intense hydration leaving it plump & revitalised, boosting absorption, promoting ongoing momentum to your daily ritual.  Your own skincare products become more beneficial & effective.  Needing less time & effort to achieve desired results.


Professional advice from decades of industry wide experience tailor tips to your skin condition & it’s behaviour, prioritising your concerns.  From sun damage repair to acne management, bolting the stable door before it’s even opened with preventative care, enhancing overall wellbeing.


Holistic in the sense we feel amazing when you know you look amazing.  We see skin confidence as your gold maximum, & are passionate for you to glow the best & most radiant version of yourself.


PS... I had actually paid more to lie down in a sleep pod at Amsterdam airport that smelled of feet the week before, so no real complaint !

sleep pod Amsterdam airport

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