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Does your skin need an energy boost..?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

You don’t want... damage & dysfunction accumulated with age, as well as response to UV rays & pollution, i.e. wrinkle formation, uneven pigmentation & decreased would healing.

You do want…

  • recharged energetic skin

  • reduced inflammation

  • enhanced circulation

  • improved elasticity

  • refined smoothness

  • antioxidant protection

Dermalogica's Light Energy Masque works synergistically with light therapy synthesising ATP, boosting collagen & elastin. Delivering more resilient, smooth & radiant skin, than LED alone. In addition to the skin’s energy recharge, skin benefits include

  • Potent peptides to stimulate collagen I, II & IV reducing fine lines & wrinkles, enhanced cellular function creates glowing skin.

  • Improves skin barrier resilience by increasing corneocyte lipids, achieving long lasting moisture.

  • Antioxidant blend promotes signalling for hyaluronic acid production & increased hydration.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties - works fast to calm and soothe the skin as a non-invasive, safe light therapy, for all skin tones.

The sciency bit... just in case you wanted to know how, the skin is a powered communication network needing a constant supply of cellular energy to function optimally. Mitochondria are the “power plant” fuelling healthy skin, each single cell has more than 300 internal ‘engines’ - all play a vital role in crucial countless processes, including cell signalling, wound healing, skin metabolism, cell growth, solar protection & barrier function.

How do mitochondria produce energy ? They basically convert what we absorb into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the currency other cell structures (primarily fibroblasts) use to synthesise collagen, elastin & glycosaminoglycans. Powering strong, glowing skin.

Mitochondrial function declines with age forming reactive oxygen species (ROS), damaging nuclear DNA, lipid membranes & structural proteins.

Light Lounge is available as a skin boost in the Pro90 advanced treatment, combining Dermalux LED along with Dermalogica's Light Energy Masque. For progressive results we suggest booking in for a ProFirm transformation programme - a course of 3 Pro60 treatments in succession for a comprehensive facial workout. Firming & toning deep tissue facial massage are combined with texturing & replenishing actives for visibly tighter skin.

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