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PureLift face gym

Shape your face for the future…

Lift & tighten, simply put - a work out for your face.


A brand leader (of course…) patented triple wave technology, combines low, medium & high frequencies at a range of 1300 - 1700hz, causing specific muscle contraction.

The randomised pulsation trains your face to adapt, for the ultimate non-invasive sculpted result.

Traditional microcurrent devices use as low as 5 - 8hz & only at the level of the dermis.

Decipher the handsets

  • PureLift Pro (Face Gym branded treatments & retail products) offers 50 procedures on one charge.

  • PureLift Face offers 6 procedures (charge once or twice a month). Identical technology, strength & results, better value price point without the ergonomic handle for professional delivery (the comfort of the therapist).

  • PureLift Pro+ used in Therapyinc treatments has increased power for that salon experience. Of course, we have to have the Landrover Defender version !

What does it do for you ?

  • Muscle contraction encourages revitalising, energetic oxygen uptake.

  • Activates & elevates supporting facial muscles, improving skin tone.

  • Builds weakened muscle fibres that have lost their elasticity.

  • Smooth & softens smile lines.

  • Relaxes the jaw area.

  • Remedial benefits deter conditions associated with muscle atrophy.

  • Strengthens the muscles around the eye area & helps reduce puffiness.

  • Lifts the corner of the mouth, cheek & lower face.

  • Maximum (beyond microcurrent & the dermis) deep muscle stimulation up to 2cm.

  • Increased permeability & product penetration, vastly improving efficacy.

  • Visible results after one treatment.

Available during a Pro90 face treatment, ProGlow, & ProBright.

ProGlow first treatment £35 for a limited time.

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