Unique because you are, upgrade your expectations or alternate with a shorter service. Choose your own USP & experience a red carpet facial without a trip to Harrods. Bespoke treatments shift focus & intensity between skin fitness energy massage, resurfacing, & light therapy to transform your skin.
allow 2 hours

Jane Scrivner
gua sha

Home-grown & heavenly, this green queen is in Ms Hirons Hall of Fame & bathroom cabinet.  A tapestry of classic & contemporary movements, combined with rich, organic buttery elixirs, fragrant attars & soft brushes.  Choreography of long, deep strokes, completely rebalance for that entire (out of) body experience.

  • opens with a back relax of steam compresses, tension melting stretches, & warm basalt pebbles, release & repair. 

  • nextgen hyaluronic acid under carnelian crystal blades, as Gua Sha rejuvenates skin during this sublime spa journey of light & shade.

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blue diamond
the last word in luxury

From Hungary to Hollywood, the ethereal properties of mineral rich healing waters & diamond peptides are an A-list favourite.  An invigorating, restorative facial & rhythmical dance for the face, under a cloud of velvety textures scented with rose & neroli.

  • the fire & ice contrast of hot stones & chilled rose quartz, combined with facial yoga & special attention to the décolleté.  

  • revitalises hard working hands, clears your mind & melts away stress & upper body tension with this unique Japanese tsubo & energy massage.

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cult beauty
twilight zone
interstellar relaxation

Curated from skinfluencer superfood hotlists, deeply sedating techniques pay homage to your natural circadian rhythm & prime your skin to awaken for a busy night of cellular renewal.  Perfect prep going home spa-cial & date night in for one.

  • drift away under a self heating Spacemask after magnetic wands have worked their magic within facial meridians.

  • realigns the lower body & addresses tired aching soles with both Swedish & Thai style leg & foot massage, in this reflex point focused session.

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