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massage masterclass

1000's of hours of experience giving & recieving, all over the world.  Your appointment is a learning experience, different every time, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. Beautifully choreographed, anatomically specific treatments are customised to your concerns getting you back to feeling yourself & better than ever in no time. 

New to us ?  Please book an initial appointment where we can complete a consultation & discuss a personal plan just for you.

neck & back mot

Prepare yourself for a specific & intense 360 degree massage, accessing your deepest aches & pains in your back, radiating to the neck & shoulders. Can be taken as a one off, weekend warriors should schedule a regular maintenance visit. 
1st appointment £120
90 minutes £100

fusion massage melt

A kaleidoscope of western & eastern modalities, designed to dissolve stress & promote a general sense of wellness. Escapism is the new relaxation.  Combining contemporary Swedish, along with Chinese acupressure, shiatsu, lomi lomi & Indonesian massage - using an endless variety of passive & active movements, sweeping strokes, firm pressure, vibrational & striking techniques.  Complete client comfort on multi-adjustable electric couch including leg elevation, can be performed sideline (additional bed of fluffy pillows to support pregnancy).

Lose yourself completely in a full body sequence with options for steam towels, hot stones & facial rejuvenation - a rhythmical dance for the face working within meridians & tsubo points.

1st appointment £120

full works / 90 minutes £100

Follow up, where you need time...

Face down back, neck & shoulder muscle ease including legs.

selected areas / 60 minutes £80

As a touch therapy to compliment your skin treatment...

back relax / 30 minutes £40

Advanced Clinical Massage (ACMT)

ACM incorporates trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue work & sports stretching - essential elements to a massage session geared towards rehabilitation & chronic pain conditions, providing a platform for a literal unwinding of the body from the inside out. Focused on freeing up restrictive connective & scar tissue, naturally increasing flexibility, it is immediate & preventative.

Carpal tunnel syndrome ? Frozen shoulder ? Confident, creative and unique solutions, along with powerful outcome based protocols, which are both dynamic & specific. Identify & relieve your pain in 1 to 6 treatments. Please allow 2 hours for 1st appointment (£120), includes consultation & 90 minutes on the bed.

1st appointment £120

follow up £80

LaStone Therapy

The original stone massage & not an expression of hot stone techniques, with roots steeped in Native American tradition & Reiki. It explores alternating temperatures & energy work using frozen marble & hot basalt stones within a massage session.  It simultaneously sedates & energises creating balance & harmony on all levels. Like hot ice melting on your skin, it is a deeply therapeutic, grounding, & cleansing experience. Leave your mind at the pool, let your body go to the gym, take your spirit on a journey.

2 hours £140 strictly on request

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