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Powered by prebiotics

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The answers to how innovative formulations can help you & your challenging skin...

There’s a common misconception about oily skin that it requires more aggressive cleansing & less moisturiser than other skin types, when in fact, the opposite is true. In search of 'squeaky clean' skin, it’s quite easy to trigger a cycle of dehydration that exacerbates chronic oiliness. When what oily skin really needs to stay healthy is a balanced microbiome. Research shows that a balanced & beneficial flora naturally found in the skin is one of the keys to maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier, which in turn helps keep oil in check.

What Causes Oily Skin ?

Oily skin is genetic & often tied to hormones, which can increase sebum production. However, our environment & lifestyle also influence these factors, giving almost everything we do the potential to affect our skin. Additionally, the latest scientific insights tell us that healthy skin starts with the right balance of an optimal microbiome, a strong lipid barrier, and hydration. If any of these factors are imbalanced, skin will look and feel compromised.

Let’s Dive Deeper…

The skin hosts a wide array of organisms that comprise its microbiome. Traditionally we tend to think of most bacteria as bad, but the skin microbiome comprises of all the microbes, bacteria & other microorganisms that live in a particular environment (or biome). In this case, we’re talking about the good, the bad, & the not so attractive, living on the skin. In terms of cell turnover, the microbiome helps regulate skin’s pH, vital for the function of crucial enzymes & a key part of the immune system - physically blocking nasties from the skin. By influencing the microbiome, we can help improve the overall health. Proper hydration helps oily skin stay balanced, the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) includes molecules (amino acids, urea & lactate) that help retain moisture. Hydration can also come from topically applied skin care products, & stating the obvious, the water you drink throughout the day, your diet, likewise, lifestyle, environmental factors (& weather), & stress, significantly result in depletion. Consequently for an oily skin this accelerates oil production, & regardless of the symptoms, the solution is providing daily hydration to help skin stay balanced. Next up is the lipid barrier, found in the outermost layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum), where lipids are the mortar within the skin structure’s protective barrier. Playing a crucial role in managing skin’s moisture levels by stopping water loss, preventing extreme dryness & excluding irritants. When the lipid barrier is compromised or slow in replenishing itself, skin becomes dehydrated, resulting in increased sensitivity & sebum production.

The Science of Prebiotic Skin Care

In basic terms, prebiotics provide the diet for probiotics (the living microorganisms that benefit the health of their host – our skin !) How do prebiotics help the skin stay balanced & healthy ? If skin is unprotected due to compromised probiotic levels, damaging bacteria can attach to the skin - prebiotics nourish the good bacteria to populate & defend, keeping the microbiome balanced. The main benefit of applying prebiotics to skin is to help increase the amount & diversity of probiotics, in turn helping skin maintain homeostasis & intact lipid barrier. Ultimately, both prebiotics & probiotics serve to reinforce skin’s defences by stimulating our immune system & improve nutrient absorption. Oily skin often has an imbalanced microbiome. This can happen for a couple reasons, firstly, sebum overproduction can increase colonisation by breakout causing P. acnes in the microbiome, which can make skin more prone to acne. Additionally, the harsh cleansers often recommended to people with oily skin actually disturb its natural protective barrier, increasing the potential for dehydration & disruption of the microbiome.

Powered by Skin Balancing Prebiotics

The creation of Active Clay Cleanser & reformulating Active Moist innovate the latest prebiotic technology.

Active Clay Cleanser is a dual action, mineral rich clay & charcoal formula that powerfully cleanses and purifies to help balance oily skin. Gently & effectively keeping oil in check whilst protecting the skins moisture barrier. Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oil and increases skin resilience. Activated Binchotan Charcoal powerfully adsorbs impurities to help balance and purify skin. Botanical lipids & Murumuru Seed work together to attract and remove excess oil from skin while helping to protect its natural lipid barrier and promote a healthy microbiome. A bioflavonoid-rich complex of Citrus, Aloe & Broccoli Extract inhibits the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria for a healthy microbiome helping to purify pores, leaving skin smooth, refined & revitalised. Glycerol delivers powerful prebiotic benefits, supports skin’s natural defences, providing nourishment to help skin’s good bacteria flourish.

Active Moist is a lightweight oil free veil of hydration, providing specialised prebiotics that actively brings skin into balance. Prebiotic Moisture Complex combines a potent prebiotic system with a unique combination of plant extracts, forming a botanical layer on skin for long lasting hydration, improved skin texture, & a healthy microbiome. Cucumber Extract soothes skin and helps provide deep hydration. Naturally astringent Lemon & Burdock Extracts help refine skin’s texture.

The Actives FAQ’s…

What’s the difference between new Active Clay Cleanser & Dermal Clay Cleanser?

  • Active Clay Cleanser delivers a powerful prebiotic to nourish skin’s beneficial bacteria. At the same time, it delivers 30% more cleansing power to leave skin refined, revitalised & purified.

Why was Dermal Clay Cleanser discontinued?

  • In addition to outperforming Dermal Clay Cleanser, Active Clay Cleanser leverages the latest scientific insights surrounding the unique needs of oily skin to help it stay in balance.

How often should I use Active Clay Cleanser?

  • We recommend using Active Clay Cleanser twice a day after PreCleanse.

Why is Active Clay Cleanser grey ?

  • This comes from a blend of Kaolin Clay & Activated Binchotan Charcoal, which respectively either absorb or adsorb oil & impurities to help balance skin.

Why was Active Moist updated?

  • Dermalogica is an innovative brand, of constantly evolving formulas, that keep pace with the latest scientific advances in skin care. Active moist has an improved formula with the addition of a Prebiotic Moisture Complex that helps to maintain a healthy skin microbiome. The muchloved aesthetic of the original formula has been retained !

What is Prebiotic Moisture Complex & how does it benefit skin?

  • Active Moist’s new Prebiotic Moisture Complex provides oily skin with an optimal combination of hydrating plant extracts & prebiotic to help promote a balanced microbiome.

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