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Our first Valentines Self Care Sunday...

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

3… helpful things…

Audible’s The Little Book of Big Change by Amy Johnson PhD. The shortest listen for maximum impact, change any habit dead quick. Much more digestible than The Chimp Paradox, with a bit of Joe Dispenza & a sprinkling of Gabby Bernstein.

My inspiration, James Clear’s 3-2-1 “The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.”

cookiecrumblesuk on Instagram, brave, very funny - & annoyingly flexible – beautiful woman.

2… remind myself…

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

This works quite well as a bedtime mantra, a random act of kindness said to someone when you really don’t know what to say (in response to their drama using ‘you are !’), & preferable mind loop to white noise (rather than imagining setting someone on fire who’s p**** me off ! )

Micella water is a rubbish cleanser. It doesn’t do the job thoroughly, surfactant based, migrates the gunk you’re trying to remove around your face, wasted on cotton pads, you’ll never have ‘clean’ skin. If you have ANY skin challenges, binning this is the first step – it won’t decongest (more likely to be the primary cause) or facilitate a beautiful blank canvas you’ve spent your hard-earned cash trying to treat with targeted products applied after.

1… skin focus…

Biolumen C Serum for Face & Eyes Benefits

Enhances skins natural defences against oxidative stress.

Protects against UV damage & reduces sunburn by up to 60%

Reduces post inflammatory pigmentation.

Inhibits matrix metalloproteinase activity (MMP’s breakdown collagen).

Reduces advanced glycation end products (AGE’s weaken collagen).

Neutralises reactive oxygen species (ROS aka ‘free radicals’ damage protein & lipids).

Optimised to be highly stable (remains active).

Bioavailable (delivered to where it can work ! ) proven delivery 10 layers deep.

Out performs it’s closest competitor three fold (even those with ‘higher concentrations’).

And that’s just the Vitamin C ! Formulations brighten & exfoliate with lactic acid & papain (for the delicate eye area), firm & defend with supercharged moisturising antioxidants & phytosterols.

Happy Sunday Everyone

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