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Maybe the maddest March on record !

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

3…   helpful things…

3 great websites to support you in looking after you & your family…

Chatterpack is a list of online boredom busting resources, has everything from virtual tours, free access to books, or learning a new skill.

Davina Own Your Own Goals is offering 30 days free membership with no payment details required.

Deepak Chopra’s free meditation course, Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times – if you’ve never tried mediation before, well now you have the time, & his courses are really accessible.

2…   remind myself…

Why I need to look after myself

Send me a couple of lines about your skin & skin care goals & I will send you out what I can to help (until I run out of helpful things or can’t get to the post office).  These don’t have to be dramatic – you might be a flagging key worker needing a pep up.  They might not be product related, do you need some at home at home tips on how to self massage ?

Looking after others

We are looking for recommendations of people who deserve a treatment when we can get our hands on you.  Who’s going the extra mile ?  We’re going to treating an NHS angel to an extra special experience when we re-open, but also recognise lots of people are working tirelessly in their communities to support others.

1…   skin focus…

Create a hierarchy of products.  Anything you can’t remember buying, don’t enjoy using or are half empty, use up the last dregs in your regular ‘at home spa sessions’.  Go light that secret santa candle, knock yourself out & indulge every evening !

Consistency is still key – now is the time to really see if that product you’ve abandoned works for you, persist with it until it’s finished, either become it’s latest fan or resolve to never buy it again.  Only then move on to the next.  I’d really appreciate your feedback on that !  Take some ‘for yourself selfies’ to track your progress.

SPF is actually really important if you’re taking time out in the garden, 15 minutes of winter sunshine is enough to photo-age your skin.  If it’s Dermalogica & physical you’re good to go for 2 years shelf life, chemical I’d stick to 1.  For an off the shelf brand I’d stick to the date, & in any event use on your arms, especially backs of hands, stick to quality on your face.

Routine is my mantra.  Now’s your chance to double cleanse & feel the benefits.  Of utter importance if you insist on using micellar water or wipes - these contain no benefits to the skin whatsoever.  For sure a cleanser should be a treatment in itself & core to your regime, not something you was down the sink.  A good one will fortify & improve the integrity of your skin.  Invariably daily skin condition is improved immensely with the best fit cleanser & moisturiser, behaviour of the skin is influenced by targeted treatments.  Exfoliate daily if you have the appropriate product, best at night before a serum or masque.  Any physical exfoliator (with a couple of exceptions, either client or product), these need to get relegated to mani pedi time.  An enzyme based or acid exfoliator is the only way to go on your face.

Just to recap…

Cleanse twice a day & SPF in the morning

Exfoliate or peel & treat in the evening 

I can send out products with self care goodies, please email.

Happy Sunday Everyone

Take Care of Yourself      IG @dermalogicaexpert      FB  therapyinc

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