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Zoom eyes... facial yoga for the windows to your soul

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Demo can be found on Instagram @dermalogicaexpert

Eye MASSAGE stimulates & destresses – repeat movement x 12


Take your middle & index fingers, very gently slide from under the eye (by your nose) to the temple, the indentation beside your ear, & sweep behind around the hairline down the side of your neck to the collarbone.


Use the same fingers to gently press under the eye area, from the inner corner of the eye moving out toward the ear.

Eye EXERCISE strengthens & firms - 10 seconds closed repeat x 5

1. SUNGLASSES Place your index fingers directly on the eyebrows & rest the thumbs lightly on either cheek. Close your eyes & feel a very subtle shake around the eye area.

2. GIVE IT THE FINGER Place your middle finger under your eyes slightly touching your nose, & the index fingers are on the outer edge of the eye. Close your eyes as much as you need to feel a little tremble on the outer edge of the eye without moving the forehead.

Eye RELAXATION reassures & calms - a minute

1. THUMBS UP Place your thumbs just under the well of your eye socket, beside your nose where your brows start, flat fists up toward the ceiling. Drop your head onto the acupressure point for a minute with your breath.

2. WARM & CUP Rub your hands together to build up warmth & cup over your eyes, breathe deeply & try to hold for one minute.

Face yoga benefits

  • Exercise strengthens & tones muscles in our body, becoming stronger & firmer - the skin attached to it is smoothed & lifted. This is true for muscles in the face too.

  • Massage is relaxing, calming, therapeutic, & great for circulation. Face massage helps bring fresh blood & nutrients to the skin's surface. It also stimulates the lymphatic glands, helping to drain toxins.

  • Acupressure points deliver many benefits such as improving the circulation & lymphatic drainage, reducing stress related headaches & improving the subtle energy of your wellbeing.

  • Relaxation when learnt by facial muscles, reduces expression lines & has a positive impact on the tissues that result in jaw aches, headaches, & teeth grinding.

  • Wellbeing - how we feel on the inside radiates in our face. Positive self talk & loving the face you see in the mirror every day are all meaningful benefits.

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