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The science behind Dermalux LED

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A completely non-invasive, no contact, advanced treatment...

LED phototherapy is based on the principle that living cells are influenced by able to absorb light, clinically proven & recognised for its regenerating & anti-inflammatory properties. 

Whilst we often associate light exposure with skin ageing & damage, light also has many positive influences, helping us produce vitamin D, providing energy & serotonin, accelerating our skin’s natural repair processes.

Phototherapy occurs naturally all around us, our skin cells utilise light to fuel a range of biological processes, with different wavelengths stimulating diverse responses in the skin. Over exposure to UV stating the obvious is very damaging, but controlled, clinically delivered levels of Red, Blue & Near Infrared light provide focused, concentrated rejuvenation.

The treatment involves lying under a hood of potential rainbows ! Exposing the skin to low levels of visible & infrared shards of the light spectrum, trigger specific cellular functions to stimulate a variety of therapeutic effects. Varying wavelengths are absorbed by a different target (more about that covered in 'the science'), stimulating skin enhancing processes, promoting maximum cell activation - & skin cells that are energised perform better & regenerate faster by up to 200%, which in turn leads to younger, healthy & radiant complexion - long lasting results, long term.

  • Do you have challenging, persistent breakouts, end of month explosions ? Epidermis directed light hones in on P.acne bacteria triggering a natural chemical reaction releasing oxygen molecules that deprive them of their diet & neutralise sebaceous activity.

  • Desperate to turn back the clock ? We become whimsical about this in our 20's, the heat is on in our 30's, as well as our dermis. Controlled light targets mitochondria, the cell powerhouses, responsible for the production of essential cell energy. Supercharging their performance & releasing a cascade on beneficial effects, accelerating cell renewal, increasing hydration levels, & boosting collagen & elastin synthesis, revitalising the complexion.

  • Irritated, react to everything, can't quite find a skin care routine that feels comfortable ? The deepest, subcutaneous layer rejuvenates with enhanced nutrient uptake, accelerating repair, calming irritation, building strength & resilience.

And if You’re Interested in the Science…

The effects of LED Phototherapy are a natural response similar to that of plant photo-synthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation. 

Achieving results with LED Phototherapy is dependent of a number of key parameters to maximise the light / chromophore interaction that allow photobiomodulation to take place.

The signpost is the precise wavelength or nanometre (nm) which determines the target for the light & also the depth of penetration into the skin. The second important parameter is the output power or photon intensity. The first law of photobiology states photons must be absorbed by the target chromophore to activate a cellular response. Each individual wavelength has a specific target chromophore within the skin (such as melanin, haemoglobin, water, cytochrome c oxidase, porphyrins etc.) Shorter wavelengths have more superficial targets, longer wavelengths penetrate to target at deeper levels in the skin. If the wavelength does not match the target chromophore, then there will be no absorption & no reaction or result. Furthermore, if the photon intensity is too low & insufficient energy is applied to reach the target cells, again there will be no result as the minimum threshold has not been met. Not all LED phototherapy systems are the same, we use brand leader Dermalux & buyer beware the Amazon facemask !

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