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Not so mad March...

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

3… helpful things…

Gorgeous new loyalty cards - 9 visits = 10 rewards, pick up on your next visit.

Your first stamp for starters this month, we have ten Self Care Sundays Ultimate Skin Treats (with a branded brush & bag) to give away. Containing Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Overnight Repair Serum, & Sound Sleep Cocoon !

If not, there’s still time to take advantage of a complementary Dermalogica skin kit with your facial (undergoing their own facelift, so subject to availability ! )

2… remind myself…

Intention is everything as demonstrated by the emotional experiments of Emoto. Focused feelings were seen to effect the molecular structure of water - exposed to loving, benevolent, & compassionate human intention, resulted in aesthetically pleasing formations. Versus the fearful & discordant thoughts producing disconnected, disfigured patterns.

Routine is paramount… if all you use is jojoba & a warm flannel to cleanse, condition, treat, stimulate, moisturise & nourish. Skin is an incredibly sophisticated organ with a miraculous microbiome all of it’s own. But it’s guardianship can be as simple as you make it, twice a day - every day.

1… skin focus…


Is not an oil.

The molecular structure is comparable to sebum, with identical long chain & double bond wax esters, absolutely suitable for all skin types.

Mimics skin composition naturally reflecting sebum production.

Can be experienced in our new Spa Saturday treatment for £39. Aromaglow showcases a little bit of everything & feels like twice the ‘me time’. Bliss out with an amazing facial – nourishing jojoba, anti-ageing frankincense spritz & liquid gold treatment oil massage, choice of scalp or reflex point for feet, & a signature back relax.

Leave feeling luminescent.

JANE SCRIVNER Best Natural Skin Care Winner 2019

Collagen stimulating, pro elastin, ultimate skin nutrition.

Usual price £60, selected Saturdays £39 only

Upgrade to include a discovery bag of skin essentials for the special price of £59

Happy Sunday Everyone

Take Care of Yourself IG @dermalogicaexpert FB therapyinc

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